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Exporting to emerging markets – what are the risks?


Britain is leaving the EU. Whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, business with our traditional partners in Europe will never be quite the same. It provides companies with a strong incentive to explore new emerging markets.

Should UK businesses adopt the Spanish siesta?


According to the recent CIPD “UK Working Lives” survey 55% of workers surveyed claimed that they felt under excessive pressure, exhausted or regularly miserable. Sadly many workers skip lunch, don’t take sufficient breaks and even go into work when they are ill. The reasons for this are usually because workers have too much work to do and feel they cannot take a break or that there are not enough staff to do the amount of work that is expected.

14 interesting Eurovision facts

Excitement is building and parties are being planned… It is Eurovision time again! Yay! The 63rd annual Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Lisbon from the 8th May. It is the first time that the famous song contest has taken place in Portugal thanks to their 2017 victory with the song “Amar pelos dois” performed by Salvador Sobral. Their song holds the record of most points won in a Grand Final with a record breaking 758 points.

The importance of English language training for non-UK national workers


The UK Working Lives report by the CIPD was released on 11 April. The CIPD surveyed approximately 6000 workers in the UK across different sectors focussing on 7 key dimensions of “job quality”. The survey results reveal what employers should be focussing on to enhance job quality and improve working lives.

Why language learning is good for business


Having the confidence to speak the language of your overseas colleagues and clients and being able to communicate effectively should be an essential part of your Organisation Strategy. The task of developing these language skills usually falls to HR or Learning & Development.

What is so good about Spring?


Spring officially began in the UK on the 20th March 2018. I love Spring! I love to see flowering daffodils, tulips, crocuses and hyacinths in our gardens, new born lambs springing around the fields and eating my own bodyweight in chocolate over the glutinous Easter weekend. I love the lighter and longer days and the longed-for sunshine and higher temperatures after the long, cold winter. But what is there out there in the wider world to love about Spring?

Easter around the world

Easter is one of the most important festivals in the Christian calendar, celebrated across the world in different ways. In the UK at Easter we commonly celebrate by going to church, having a family roast dinner, joining an Easter egg hunt and eating plenty of chocolate eggs. Have you ever wondered what is happening around the world at Easter?

Can you learn a second language by watching films?


With the 2018 Academy Award celebrations fresh in our minds, let us turn our attention to “Best Foreign Language Film” category. Chilean drama “A Fantastic Woman” won the 2018 Academy Award and marks the first ever win for Sebastián Lelio (Director). Past winners include popular films such as Life is Beautiful (1998), All About My Mother (1999), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) and The Salesman (2016).

6 tips to doing business in China

Lots of Chinese lanterns

Friday the 16th February 2018 sees the start of the Chinese New Year. This year it is the year of the Dog which symbolises luck. It is traditional for Chinese families to clean their houses (sweeping away the bad luck to make way for the good luck) and wear new clothes. Families decorate their houses with red lanterns and usually gather with relatives for a big meal.