Online Language Courses for Business

Do you want to learn a new language for business, but don’t have the time for regular office-based lessons or an immersion course? Try our flexible Online Language Courses.

Skype Language Courses

We offer Online Language Courses for business because we understand that you cannot always be in an office for face-to-face training. Increasing numbers of employees are now working from home or travelling extensively. We also know that sometimes busy people need to learn a new language but they need to do so around a hectic work schedule.

If your work requires you to work from home or to travel frequently meaning you’re never in one place long enough to attend regular language training sessions, our Online Language Courses for Business could be the perfect solution for you!

Why Choose Online Language Courses with CLT?

  • Flexible Learning

    Our well-qualified native tutors are available wherever you are in the world, at a time to suit you. You can change the time of your Online Language Sessions from week to week, directly with your tutor.

  • Tailored content

    Your Online Language Course will be structured to include the content you really need, such as industry-specific terminology or Cultural Awareness. Whether you want to improve your speaking or writing skills, for example, we can help you. You can also combine your Online training with face-to-face lessons for a blended experience. Moreover, we now offer online Accent Reduction Training too.

  • Short, Focused Sessions

    One of the best ways for busy people to learn a language is to do so little and often, so our online language sessions are usually one hour long with guided learning between sessions. Our tutors use Skype, WebEx, Zoom, Cycomm (In China) and Microsoft Teams technology to provide high quality interactive lessons.

  • Relaxed Environment

    Learn in the comfort of your own home, hotel room or office at a time where distractions are minimal.

  • No Travel Time

    Leaving you free to focus on the language.

Read our tips for learning a language remotely using Skype.

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I have gone from being a total novice in the language, to being confident enough to use Spanish in a professional context during a client meeting last week. The effort was hugely appreciated by our clients and I confess to a having a certain amount of pride at having been able to communicate in their native tongue.

– Procurement Manager, Farécla Products Ltd