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5 benefits of Online Language Training

If you want to start learning a language for business reasons then you should read about our 5 benefits of Online Language Training.
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With more and more businesses adopting a flexible working policy, the number of remote workers across the world is increasing daily. And Covid-19 will be responsible for a huge increase of homeworkers over the next few weeks. Working remotely should not stop you from embarking on language training. On the contrary, there are many online tools to facilitate high quality language learning. Moreover, there are many professional and experienced tutors delivering their lessons online.

Why choose Online Training?

We have detailed 5 benefits to Online Language Training below to help you see the reasons why should consider trying it:

1. Flexible

If you are having 1-2-1 training you can change the day and time of your lessons on a weekly basis to suit your work schedule. You can also have more than one lesson a week at any time of day or at the weekend.

2. Tailored to your needs

We will also discuss your objectives with you prior to the beginning of the training. This allows us to tailor the content of your training course to suit your objectives rather than teaching the same course to everyone. Choose from over 20 different languages.

3. Face-to-face.

Your online training uses Skype, Zoom, WebEx or MS Teams, for example, so that you can see, hear and interact with your tutor. The lessons will be interactive and flexible using a mix of activities to improve your language skills. Guided learning is also used between lessons to help you improve.

4. Relaxed

You can ensure you are in a quiet, comfortable area with no distractions. This will help you to be more relaxed and confident about speaking to your tutor.

5. No travel

You can have your language lesson in the comfort of your own home or hotel so that you don’t need to travel anywhere.

How can you make the most of your Online Language Training?

Here are some tips on how to make the most of online language lessons.

What technology do we use for Online Language Training?

On top of our 5 benefits of online language training, there are also some really good online platforms. Here are a few of the ones that our tutors use:

  • Skype

Microsoft’s Skype is a telecommunications app that works for video chats, calls and instant messaging. The app is compatible with Android and iOS, Windows, iPadOS, web browser, Alexa and Xbox. Skype is free to use.

Skype can handle up to 50 people in a single video call, which can come in handy for training large groups. The app allows for calls to be recorded in case someone misses a session.

  • Zoom

The Zoom video conference app works for Android, iOS, PC and Mac. The app offers a basic free plan that hosts up to 100 participants. The app has HD video and audio capabilities, collaboration tools like simultaneous screen-sharing and co-annotation, and the ability to record meetings and generate transcripts.

  • Microsoft Teams

Since its launch in 2017, Microsoft Teams is now used by organisations of all sizes, across the globe who use the platform to make their internal and client business projects run smoothly and efficiently. As a cloud-based platform, Microsoft Teams can be accessed anywhere via the desktop or mobile application and is supported on Windows, Mac, as well as iOS and Android – all you need is a connection to the internet. Microsoft Teams combines chat, meetings, notes and attachments which allows businesses to seamlessly interact with each other wherever they are.

  • Webex

Cisco WebEx is a cloud-based suite of productivity tools. WebEx works on Windows, Mac, as well as iOS and Android. It is free to use and you can host up to 50 participants at one time. Thereafter, there are paid packages depending on your requirements. With video conferencing, webinars, file sharing, and team messaging, the suite allows for unified communications for any business.

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