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8 tips for learning a new language

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Are you learning a new language for your dream job in Beijing, Tokyo, Paris or Madrid? Or is it because you work closely with international colleagues and clients? Whatever your motivation, we are here to help you!

Tips for Successful Employee Relocation

successful employee relocation

Relocation can be a difficult time for an employee as they are moving to a new country with a different language, different ways of working/living and potentially no friends or connections. To ensure successful employee relocation from one country to another, HR should invest resources in the transition period experienced by employees.

Valentine’s Day around the World

I love you in many languages

In the UK, Valentine’s Day (14th February) is a traditional romantic celebration where many of us give chocolates, cards and flowers to our partners, lovers and friends but how is it celebrated around the world?

Learn Basic Mandarin

Mandarin can be a complex language to learn but you can try out some basic phrases with our tutor Lenny

Is Google Translate the perfect tool for all your translating needs?

Here we are in a world where we find ourselves needing to communicate more and more with people across the globe and it can be tricky if we don’t speak their language. Whether you are exporting your product to different countries and need a locally translated website, you need to send important work emails to your colleagues in China or you are giving a presentation to your foreign colleagues, it can be a costly and confusing minefield.

5 reasons why face-to-face language training is better than an app

face-to-face language training

We recently made a list of our favourite language learning apps. These apps can give you an essential understanding of how a language works on a conversational level and they can complement your face-to-face language training by helping you to brush up on your grammar and vocabulary. However, we said it then and we’ll say it now: As good as these apps are, they’re no substitute at all for a structured series of lessons.

Doing business in Brazil, things you need to know


There is strong evidence to suggest that many UK businesses are not aware of the size and level of opportunity of doing business in Brazil. According to the Department for International Trade, Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America and is the 7th largest economy in the World (as at Jan 2017). What’s more, 400 out of the world’s 500 biggest companies operate in Brazil.

Learn languages anywhere in the world


“I’m too busy to commit to learning a language”, I hear you say. Life can be extremely busy especially if your job involves a lot of foreign travel. Thanks to modern technology you can now learn a language almost anywhere in the world at a time and place convenient to you.

World Cup Fever is here!

World Cup

Thursday the 14th of June sees the beginning of the 21st FIFA World Cup with 32 teams fighting for glory and playing at 12 new and refurbished venues across Russia. All eyes will be glued to the television for the next month while World Cup fever grips us!