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6 tips to doing business in China


Friday the 16th February 2018 sees the start of the Chinese New Year. This year it is the year of the Dog which symbolises luck. It is traditional for Chinese families to clean their houses (sweeping away the bad luck to make way for the good luck) and wear new clothes. Families decorate their houses with red lanterns and usually gather with relatives for a big meal.

6 benefits of Personal Development


Personal development is a “process of self-education aimed at enhancing professional skills, employability, quality of life, self-discipline, talent and potential”. For anyone hoping to climb the career ladder or improve their sense of purpose, personal development is invaluable.

14 essential tips for conducting successful international business meetings


Whether you are going abroad for a business meeting with colleagues or suppliers or to finalise a £1 billion deal with a new customer, it is very important to familiarise yourself with the local social customs and business etiquette to avoid offending anyone and potentially losing clients. However, it is not straightforward – a social norm for one country could be a total no-no in another.