Portuguese Language Training Courses for Business

At Commercial Language Training we aim to make our Portuguese Language Training Courses for Business as enjoyable and effective as possible.

Our courses are designed to work around you. Your knowledge of the language will grow, along with your confidence, without having too much of an impact on your hectic work schedule.

You’ll have a real sense of achievement in a short amount of time with our courses, giving you the motivation to learn more!

Portuguese Case Study 


Choose from

  • Flexible Language Training – Flexible weekly language training sessions, depending on your current level and objectives
  • Intensive Language Training – Five full days of intensive training, which can be split over five weeks if you prefer, with each session usually lasting from 09:30-16:00.
  • Remote Language Training – Remote language training via Skype, for fully flexible learning.

José is an outstanding teacher. He is very responsive to one’s learning objectives as well as preferred learning style. I made good progress – thanks to José who made the class enjoyable and managed to motivate me even after a long day at work.

– Associate Researcher, The Boston Consulting Group

Why Choose Commercial Language Training?

  • Fully Flexible Learning

    Whether you would like one-to-one training, or to learn in a group of up to 15 delegates from your organisation, we tailor our Portuguese Language Courses for Business to suit your requirements.

  • Content For Your Business

    We understand that you need practical language training, so we incorporate the phrases, words and terminology specific to your business into the course.

  • Times to Suit You

    We work around your work schedule, so you can choose to learn in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, at the weekend or even remotely via Skype.

  • Location to Suit You

    We come to you, so you don’t have to travel.

  • Free Consultation

    Before your course starts, we will discuss your current level of Portuguese and your objectives, to ensure you get exactly what you want from the course.